FIFA Plans To Use Robots As Linsemen

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FIFA Plans To Use Robots As Linsemen 1

FIFA set to use robots, in the use of Video Assistant Referees (VAR) thereby removing linesmen.

Due to how influential technology could be on football Assistant referees could become a thing of the past, as a specific department has now been created.

If the findings from FIFA’s VAR team prove that technology can be beneficial and perfectly accurate, the offside flag could also become a thing of history.

“FIFA already have a department set up researching into these exact areas.

“Will they replace referee assistants completely with cameras and computers ruling offsides and throw-ins? It could happen one day,” a source confirmed.
While robots operating down the side of the pitch may be a distant ambition for FIFA chiefs, the anti-VAR brigade will surely be angered by the development.

However, with FIFA President Gianni Infantino a huge advocate of VAR, it seems there is no stopping the growing influence of technology within football.

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