Two Men Arrested With Human Skull In Ogun State

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Two men arrested

Ogun State Police arrested two Suspects identified as, Emmanuel Aro, 25, and Anu Olofinju, 25, with a human skull on ijoun road in the Eggua area of Ogun State.

Emanuel and Anu were arrested following a complaint from Amoo Bankole, who told the Eggua Police Station that the suspects were digging the grave where his mother was buried a few months ago. Amoo told police that he thought the suspects were up to something digging his mother’s grave.

The spokesperson for the police, Abimbola Oyeyemi, who made this known on Sunday, October 6th in a release, stated that based on the complaint of Amoo, the Divisional Police Officer for Eggua division, Kehinde Oyekangun, mobilized detectives to the scene but met the suspects along the road. Abimbola added that the detectives accosted the suspects and upon searching their bag,  the skull of a woman was discovered inside.

According to the police, the complainant had identified the skull as that of his mother. Abimbola explained that when interrogated, the suspects confessed to the commission of the crime, admitting that they intended to use the skull for money-making ritual.  

State Police Commissioner Bashir Makama, has ordered the suspects to be forwarded to the Criminal Investigation and State Intelligence Division for further investigation.

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