TB Joshua Reveals China Success Secrets

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China success secrets
Prophet Joshua, on Sunday revealed China success secrets while responding to a question on what would happen if the US truly cuts ties with China, during a question and answer session on Facebook live show.

Prophet TB Joshua noted that at the moment, even the US is depending on China because while America’s “concentration is on big things, China concentrates on small things, e.g. manufacturing and agricultural goods” which are “what developing nations need.”

“Remember, 70-80% of the world are developing nations. What they need to grow, to live and to improve is what China is concentrating on.

“I think America should learn this lesson. This is what they should turn to.

“China is using all these little things to get money from developing nations – and that is making them the richest in the world. It is trade by barter.

“It has made developing nations see China as their hope.

For example, a product in America may cost 500 and last long, because it is durable.

“The same product in China may cost 100 but not last long. However, developing nations will still choose China’s products because such products are within their reach. That makes many nations to become debtors to China – even America,” the cleric said.

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