Sheikh Gumi Reveals Who Should Replace Buhari In 2023

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Sheikh gumi

Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmed Gumi, has proposed the type of Nigerian who will replace President Mohammadu Buhari in 2023.

He noted that North had learned its lesson and asked citizens to ignore the politicians in the system and choose a new face.

Gumi told Sunday Sun that the country needs a person who is “alert, intelligent and with a large heart”.

“He should not take revenge. He should be able to forgive. He should be able to rehabilitate and not killing or imprisoning. His mind should not be about catching people, but forgiveness and correctness. Above all, he must be intelligent.”

“Let’s put our hands together to salvage this country. The crop of politicians we have now cannot help us. Their heads are hot. We need cool headed people who will look at things holistically and move the country forward. A wounded lion cannot take this country out of the woods.”

Gumi further lamented that Buhari was running the country according to his dictates.

“He has a pre-determined mind on how he wants to run his government: squeeze corrupt officials, close borders. This is what he has in mind and this is what he’s pursuing to the letter.

“If you want to get close to him, tell him this man is in jail and he will tell you that’s good. You cannot catch all the thieves in Nigeria. You can only catch those ones you don’t like.

“But God is a God of justice. You either catch all or pardon all and then you draw a line. If you draw a line, whoever commits the same mistake can be tried by law and not your personal decision.

“He knows what happened and he likes it, that’s his style, this is a style that I don’t like, so I express my opposition, and if I don’t talk, people will say, look at those who are silent and now we are now suffering.

“Nobody can point finger at me , and I thank God for that, so we need to rethink, we must get back together to save this country, because it is a beautiful country,” he said.

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