New Visa Policy Unveil By Fed Govt

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Visa policy

The Federal Government is ready to introduce a new visa policy.

Muhammad Babandede, The Comptroller General (CGI) of Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), announced this weekend at the NIS dinner at Abuja.

He said: “The e-visa policy will encourage investors to Nigeria thereby generating Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) for Nigeria and making Nigeria a most preferred destination through transparency in administration and facilitation of facilities by service.

“I assure you that it will be transparent and we will remove cash payment and ensure no security is compromised. It is a balance between facilitation, transparency and protection of national security”.

The C-G commended the team who developed the software for officers to take e- examinations.

“As you are aware, we are a regimented institution. We have done all we can in 2019 by dismissing officers for corruption, absenteeism, reduction of ranks of officers and investigating those who took money from applicants or ordinary Nigerians illegally.

“So having worked tirelessly, we should dedicate a day to commend those who have served well and this would also serve as an example to others so they can follow the part.

“The government is not about punishing people every day, it’s about respecting and overcoming the gap between officers and men by meeting for dinner, dancing and having fun,” he said.

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