Lottery Operator Commits Suicide Over Inability To Pay Customers Winnings In Lagos

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Customers winnings
Baba Pool alottery shop operator , on Thursday, July 23, allegedly committed suicide inside his shop in Kayode Market, Abule Ijesha, in the Sabo area of Lagos State over his ”Over Inability To Pay Customers Winnings.”

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Before hanging himself Baba Pool, left a suicide note inside his shop.

Which Says

“For your information, Bourney and Osuma. Two of them kill me. A killer must surely die.”

According to traders in the market, the two persons the deceased accused of causing his death had some time ago played lottery in his shop but he did not submit their tickets to the lottery office. When the lottery players realized that they had won, they asked for their money but instead of explaining to them that he did not submit their tickets, he decided to take his life.

Bala Elkana, The spokesperson of the state police command, said the two accused persons have been arrested and are currently being questioned. 

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