Full List Of Soldiers Declared Wanted For Running Away From Boko Haram Attack

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boko haram
The Nigerian Army say 22 soldiers fled Boko Haram during the Sept. 29 attack on Gubio, a town in Borno that is partly controlled by insurgents.

Although witnesses claimed that 18 soldiers were killed during the attack on the Community military post, the Nigerian army failed to confirm the attack or recognize the victims listed on its side.

High-ranking military officers who carried out investigations to determine resistance or damage to troops during the attack found that 22 soldiers were not available. It is not yet clear whether the soldiers disappeared in battle or were captured by Boko Haram, but they were declared deserters and had to bear serious consequences if found.

Here are the list of soldiers declared deserters and obtained :

Major U.A. Nagogo,
Staff sergeant Mallam Turaki, Sergeant Benjamin Afolabi, Sergeant Christian Nwachukwu, Sergeant Patrick Kosin,
Sergeant Awuwa Orin,
Sergeant Ibrahim Amodu,
Sergeant Nasiru Umar,
Sergeant Bello Suleiman,
Sergeant Josiah Seth,
Sergeant Muazu Nura.

Corporal Ayodeji Ogunsuji,
Corporal Michael Friday,
Corporal Wakili Saul,
Corporal Akyen Zamani,
Lance corporal Yahaya Abubakar-Doia,
lance corporal Isikuru Venture, lance corporal Aminu Isiaku,
lance corporal Usman Suleiman, lance corporal Maigari Markus,
lance corporal Edward Ofem,
Lance corporal Adams Shehu all declared wanted.

Affiliates must be arrested if found and returned to military escort for disciplinary action. This follows a warning from the Army Chief of Staff Tukur Buratai to warn the soldiers who left their positions during the attack on Boko Haram.

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