COVID19 – We Have The Cure Traditional Medical Practitioners Reveals

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traditional medical practitioners
Prince Sakariyat Oyedeji Mabro Vice-chairman, Traditional Medical Practitioners of Nigeria (TMPN) for the South-West zone, has suggested African local herbs as possible solution for coronavirus.

He, however, regretted that government of Nigeria was underestimating traditional medicine and it’s efficacy , adding that “I can authoritatively tell you that we can treat anybody with that virus successfully within three days.”

He maintained that traditional medical practitioners had solutions to thousands of ailment plaguing millions of people around the world, including COVID-19.

Mabro explained that what was now known as coronavirus around the world had been in Sahara Africa for so long, especially in the South West Nigeria.

According to him, there is no difference between symptoms identified with an ailment called ‘Soponna’ in South West Nigeria and those symptoms Covid-19 presents, noting that African medical practitioners, after frantic efforts, discovered appropriate solution to the ailment through herbs.

He said the potency of African herbs in tackling the virus can never be overemphasized, saying it is incumbent on the necessary authorities to look inward and place more premium on traditional medicine.

Mabro explained that there were cases of outbreaks of epidemics in the past across the region, which were contained headlong by traditional practitioners with high degree of effectiveness.

“The ravaging coronavirus in the world is a thing of worry for everybody, unfortunately, African leaders have not been able to project the efficacy of African herbs to the rest of the world and help humanity as a whole.

“COVID-19 is the same thing as what we known as ‘Soponna’ in our area here, it is the same symptoms, and we have conquered this over the years through frantic efforts with efficacious herbs.

“Let’s take typhoid fever for example. We have herbs that can cure it in two days, regardless of how chronic it is. The same is true for diabetes and many others where doctors are still struggling to find effective solutions.”

“I believe the Nigerian government will take advantage of this moment and project the effectiveness of our traditional world knowledge for the benefit of humanity,” Mabro said

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