Coronavirus Is Not A Killer Disease Like SARS – Rotimi Amaechi

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Rotimi Amaechi Transport Minister noted that the Coronavirus is not a killer disease like SARS; hence no need to panic said as for him, he was not afraid to work with Chinese workers after the corona virus broken out

Speaking on Sunrise Daily Amaechi said he was not afraid of contracting the disease because the people he worked with had not traveled from Nigeria from the start.

Amaechi added that he does not want to die anytime soon so

“Didn’t you see me last week or two weeks ago with the chairman of CCECC on-site at the Lagos-Ibadan railway?

“No, for two reasons: I hear that the Coronavirus is not a killer virus. It is not as deadly as SARS, and everybody was running away. Again, I am not saying everybody should go and get Coronavirus.

“The main reason I am still working with them even though I am compelled to do so is the fact that those who are here now didn’t travel, so obviously, they couldn’t have contracted Coronavirus.

“Those who traveled and are back have been quarantined, and they will be there for 18-21 days.

Amaechi added that the Buhari-led government is putting measures in place to contain the disease if it spreads to Nigeria.

“The government is not irresponsible. Do you know how many people we are? Almost 200 million persons, so, the government will not be that irresponsible to lose 200 million persons.

“It is going to be disastrous if such a thing gets here so the government is putting up measures.

“The fact that I talk with them, meet with them should reassure you. I do not want to die. I have children, and I have a wife,” he added.

Recently, China announced that the death toll from the coronavirus outbreak has reached 304 since it was first detected in the central city of Wuhan late December 2019.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) subsequently declared the disease a global emergency and warned countries to be alert.

According to the WHO, 7,843 people have been quarantined in China, while 68 cases have been reported around the world

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