Borno State Governor To Hire 1000 Hunters And 30 Islamic Clerics To Stop Boko Haram

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Borno state governor
Governor Babagana Zulum of Borno State defended his decision to employ 30 Islamic clerics based in Saudi Arabia to pray for peace in the state, and to employ 1000 hunters who reportedly had the power to fight and eliminate Boko Haram. . “

Mallam Isa Gusau  spokeman to the governor , responding to the controversy following the recent governor Borno decision, said he had the support of all in the states.

Gusau said, “I can’t say much on the issue you raised because it is a high level security matter. What I can confirm is, as you know, Borno has for 10 years been faced with a desperate situation and given that, Governor Zulum, with  the consent of key stakeholders that include elders and traditional rulers, has decided to aggressively explore every lawful means necessary to put an end to the insurgency.

“The governor has also acquired and deployed close to 200 surveillance vehicles to fight the insurgency and he is doing more. He is combining the coercive means with massive investment in education, job creation and social protection and you have seen all of these happening.

 “Zulum is applying mixed methods and he intends to be aggressive. Maybe some Nigerians thought Governor Babagana Zulum was joking when he solicited prayers from a group of Nigerians operating around the Ka’aba which we Muslims take seriously.”

He added, “Governor means serious business. He is not out to joke. Some Nigerians, including Senator Shehu Sani, who haven’t felt the heat of the insurgency may enjoy the luxury of sending out tweets and joke over issues of life and death affecting the people of Borno.

 “Those of us who live in Borno have felt and are still feeling the heat. We don’t have the luxury to tweet from comfort zones and make mockery of serious issues affecting lives.”

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