SEX TALK!! Juliet Ibrahim Reveals Shocking Secrets About Her Sèx Life

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SEX TALK!! Juliet Ibrahim Reveals Shocking Secrets About Her Sèx Life 1

Sultry Ghanaian actress, Juliet ibrahim has revealed some shocking secrets about her sex life. The actress whose body figure will make any man desire to be with her said she is very good at trying any sex position depending on the rhythm per time. She added that she can have it when the light is on.

The award winning actress also revealed that one of the bizarre places she has ever had sex was at the beach . She was unconcered about who was watching becasue it was an act that came without after thought.

You know when this strong emotion gets a grip of you, you may find it difficult to bring it under control until you let it loose. But she advised that whoever plans to have sex at the beach should be careful and should ensure that where the sex act is to be carried is a permitted area so that you dont get arrested .

“You have to be very careful when [you want to do this]. You have to make sure that wherever you are doing it, or trying to do it, it’s allowed, and it is not like a country or place where people will find it offensive,” she said

Wao, the actress has really dared to reveal the secrets of her sexual life unlike other actresses who would rather shy away from the question.
Juliet, the mother of one who got divorced from her husband,Kwadwo Safo is presently in a relationship with rapper IceBerg Slim. She divorced her husband because she cheated on her with another woman.

Hmmmm, marring a woman like juliet Ibrahim who is naturally endowed and beautiful, what would a man look for in another woman. Please men, what could that be?

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